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By the grace of Allah, the National Waqf-e-Nau Department USA, in collaboration with Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya USA,  the National Waqf-e-Nau Department Canada and Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada, organized an annual visit to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada from May 19th to 21st, 2023. This visit brought together Atfal and Khuddam (12-18 year olds) from the USA to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada.

Throughout the visit, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich program that combined spiritual, educational, and recreational activities, fostering a sense of unity, learning, and inspiration to attend Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada.

The total attendance for this visit was 127. The breakdown of attendees was as follows: 52 Waqifeen-e-Nau boys, 37 Non Waqf-e-Nau boys, 22 parents/guardians, 8 National Team members, 6  local/regional volunteers, and 2 MTA Crew members.

Waqf-e-Nau USA department in conjunction with the Canadian hosts provided comprehensive logistical services to the trip participants that included 7 shuttles from 5 different locations within the USA, airport pickup and drop off in Toronto and accommodation to 80+ guests.

The visit to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada commenced on Thursday, May 18, 2023, with guests arriving and checking in by 7:00 PM. A dinner was served to welcome the participants. All visitors were provided accommodation upon their arrival by the Canadian Jama’at and were provided lodging in various guest houses across Peace Village.

The following day, Friday, May 19, began with Fajr prayers at 4:45 AM, followed by a designated time for participants to catch up on sleep or engage in exercise until 7:30 AM. The day started with a live Friday sermon at Baitul Islam Mosque at 8:00 AM, followed by a breakfast at Tahir Hall. Preparation for Friday prayers took place at 10:00 AM, and lunch was served at Tahir Hall at noon. After Friday prayers at Baitul Islam Mosque at 1:30 PM, an opening and orientation session was conducted at 2:30 PM. .

The opening session was presided by Naib Ameer Canada, Kaleem Ahmad Malik Sahib. After recitation from the holy Qur’an and opening address by National Secretary Waqf-e-Nau USA, respected Naib Ameer Sahib welcomed the contingent and provided invaluable guidance. He emphasized the significance and blessings of serving Jama’at as a life devotee.

After the opening session, the participants drove to the new Jamia building in Innisfil, Ontario for a visit where they offered Asr prayer.  Jamia administration shared details of the facility and multi-phased expansion plans for the academic, administration and accommodation buildings. National Secretary Waqf-e-Nau Canada, Murabbi Basil Raza Butt sahib led an exciting team building exercise for the boys. Guests were served with light snacks. At 7:15 PM, the group returned to Aiwan Tahir for dinner at 8:00 PM. Maghrib/Isha prayers were performed at 8:55 PM. The evening concluded with more sports activities at Tahir Hall from 9:15 PM to 10:45 PM.

On Saturday, May 20, the day began with Fajr prayers at 4:45 AM, followed by breakfast at Tahir Hall at 6:30 AM. Participants arrived at Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada for a full-day session at 7:30 AM. The visit to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada encompassed an engaging program filled with enlightening experiences and insights into the institution’s rich heritage and educational offerings. Participants gathered in the morning in Jamia auditorium where group formations took place and 10 Jamia students were assigned to each group. The day began with an assembly in the Jamia auditorium at 7:50 AM, where attendees joined the students of Jamia Ahmadiyya in their morning assembly.

A guided tour of Jamia Ahmadiyya commenced at 8:10 AM, led by knowledgeable group leaders. Participants had the opportunity to explore various aspects of the institution, including an interactive tour of an exhibition in the halls of Jamia Ahmadiyya , visits to the classrooms, and lastly, the library. This immersive tour allowed them to gain a firsthand understanding of the institution’s academic and cultural environment.

A break was scheduled at 10:00 AM in Tahir Hall, facilitating valuable interactions between the Jamia Faculty, students of Jamia Ahmadiyya, and the visiting Waqf-e-Nau participants from the USA. This informal setting fostered meaningful exchanges of ideas, experiences, and insights.

Language classes were an integral part of the visit. Urdu classes were conducted in the Jamia Auditorium at 11:00 AM, providing Waqf-e-Nau students from the USA with an opportunity to enhance their language skills. Following the Urdu class, an Arabic class was conducted at 11:30 AM, further enriching the participants’ linguistic knowledge.

At noon, participants gathered to watch the documentary titled “A Day in Jamia.” This insightful documentary offered an in-depth look into the daily routines and activities at Jamia Ahmadiyya, providing a comprehensive understanding of the life and experiences of its students.

A special session titled “Experience of Jamia Ahmadiyya” took place from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM. The session featured presentations by Maulana Daud Ahmad Hanif Sahib (Principal Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada), Mirza Harris Ahmad Sahib (National Secretary Waqf-e-Nau USA), students of Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada, and the Waqf-e-Nau visitors. These presentations offered unique perspectives on the Jamia Ahmadiyya experience, highlighting the transformative impact of education and spiritual development within the institution.

The visit concluded with a closing session and Q&A session at 1:00 PM. The National Secretary Waqf-e-Nau USA and the Principal Sahib Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude for the visit and emphasizing the importance of education, character development, and spiritual growth. The session concluded with a heartfelt dua. Zuhr prayers were held at Baitul Islam Mosque at 2:00 PM.

After Zuhr prayer, lunch was offered at Tahir Hall at 2:30 PM. The day continued with a special dinner in the company of the National Amila and Jamia Ahmadiyya Faculty at 7:30 PM. A group photograph was taken at 8:35 PM, followed by Maghrib/Isha prayers at 8:55 PM. The evening concluded with a visit to the MTA Studio and more sports activities at Tahir Hall from 9:15 PM to 10:45 PM.

Overall, the visit to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada offered a comprehensive and immersive experience, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into the institution’s history, educational practices, language learning, and daily routines. The program fostered a deeper connection with Jamia Ahmadiyya’s mission and values, leaving a lasting impression on all those who participated.

The final day, Sunday, May 21, began with Fajr prayers at 4:45 AM, followed by breakfast at Tahir Hall at 6:30 AM. A concluding session took place at Baitul Islam Mosque.

The concluding session at Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada began with Tilawat (recitation) at 8:00 AM. Following that, Murabbi Basil Raza Butt Sahib, the National Secretary of Canada, delivered his remarks at 8:05 AM, setting the tone for the session. The session continued with a segment dedicated to presenting gifts and recognizing individuals, led by Assistance Secretary Waqf-e-Nau USA, Mahmood Ahmad Sahib, starting at 8:15 AM. This special gesture served to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of deserving individuals. Mirza Harris Ahmad Sahib, the National Secretary of the USA, addressed the gathering with his remarks at 8:35 AM, offering thanks to our hosts and all the volunteers who made this program possible.

As the morning session drew to a close, Naib Ameer Canada, Sohail Mubarik Sharma Sahib, provided concluding remarks at 8:40 AM and led the participants in dua (prayer) at 8:50 AM. Finally, at 9:00 AM, participants were provided with To Go lunch boxes as part of the departure process, ensuring they had a convenient meal for their onward journey back to the United States.


By Allah’s grace, MTA Int USA studios was blessed by the permission of Huzoor-e-Anwar (aa) to travel alongside the National Waqf-e-Nau Visit to Jamia Trip in May, 2023. The MTA team consisted of two members, Murabbi Omar Farooq, and a regular volunteer of MTA, Muaz Malik sahib. The traveled from Maryland USA to Toronto and planned to document in detail the entirety of the program of this blessed visit to Jamia. At each important event and every leisure activity the crew worked hard to gather as much background footage and as many interviews during the program as possible. This was further supplemented by studio interviews of organizers from USA and Canada.

By Allah’s sheer grace, the team was able to collect all necessary footage, interviews from Jamia faculty, Jamia students, organizers in USA and Canada, and also the youth participating in the trip. Now they plan to produce a world news report for MTA International, and also will be working to produce a longer documentary to be released later in the year. The total length of the captured footage spans many hours, and interviews number in the dozens. MTA Canada also provided assistance in the filming of interviews and background footage.



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