By the grace of Allah, the National Waqf-e-Nau Department USA successfully held the Waqf e Nau Summer Camp for Waqfeen e Nau ages 12 to 23 on Jun 18th – 22nd, 2023, at Masjid Bait ur Rehman in Silver Spring MD.

 45 Waqfeen e Nau from across the US attended the summer camp. 26 Waqfeen e Nau were in the 12-14 age group and 19 Waqfeen e Nau in the 15+ age group.

The camp started on Sunday with the opening session presided by the National Finance Secretary and a Waqf e Zindagi Talha Chaudhry sahib who highlighted the importance of fulfilling the pledge with Allah and dedicating lives for the service of faith. The camp attendees were divided into smaller groups of 8 to 10 members each based on their ages. The group names were Amanat, Dianat, Shuja’at, Rafaqat, Sadaqat, Qana’at. The attendees were informed that there will be academic achievement awards, best behavior awards, overall participation awards, and the best group award at the end of the camp. The camp attendees were given a drawstring bag, water bottle, pen, and a journal as a gift from the Waqf e Nau department.

 Over the course of the next 3 days, there were interactive learning sessions for the students categorized into 2 groups. Ages 12-14 and 15+. These sessions were delivered by 7 esteemed missionaries comprising of Murabbi Rizwan Khan sahib, Murabbi Faran Rabbani sahib, Murabbi Syed Adil sahib, Murabbi Hashim Usman sahib, Murabbi Sabahat Ali sahib, Murabbi Daanyal Qureshi sahib, and Murabbi Farhad Rana sahib. The sessions were classified into core sessions, contemporary topics, and career workshops.

 The core sessions spanned across the 3 days and included the philosophy and the deeper understanding of Salat delivered by Murabbi Rizwan Khan sahib, Incorporating the Holy Quran into our daily lives by Murabbi Faran Rabbani sahib, Understanding our faith – Basics of Ahmadiyyat by Murabbi Syed Adil sahib, Waseeyat Workshops by Murabbi Farhad Rana sahib in which the book of the Promised Messiah as “The Will” was read and discussed, as well as a series of sessions under the theme of Existence Project in which the students were taken on a journey to comprehend and explore the existence of God and the current state of their relationship with the God Almighty. The students carried out an interesting activity in which each student wrote a letter addressing to themselves 5 years from now expressing where they expect themselves to stand in terms of their spirituality 5 years from now. Waqf e Nau department will keep a copy of these letters and will share them with the students 5 years from now.

 The learning sessions under the contemporary topics included a marriage workshop, social media etiquettes and tabligh, leadership from seerat, financial decisions for a waqf e nau, meaning of a Waqf, a workshop on Nizam e Jamat and a letter writing session to Huzur e Anwar aba.

 The career workshops included “Serving in MTA” delivered by Ghalib Khan sahib – Head of MTA USA, “Serving Humanity as a Law Enforcement Officer” delivered by Aitezaz Tariq sahib – a Waqf e Nau and a law enforcement officer, and “Serving Jamat as an Engineer” by Junaid Malik sahib – a civil engineer and a member of IAAAE.

 At the beginning of the camp, only 5 out of 19 students of ages 15+ were Moosian. By the grace of Allah, a visible sign of sincerity, faithfulness, and righteousness of these Waqfeen e Nau was witnessed when 10 Waqfeen e Nau signed up for Waseeyat on the 3rd day of the camp inspired by the Waseeyat workshops and the Existence project workshops, bringing the total to 15 out of 19 attendees of the camp above the age of 15 signed up for Waseeyat Alhamdolillah. The names of these Waqfeen e Nau will be sent to Huzur e Anwar aba for special prayers.

 The other highlights of the camp included fireside chats with Murabbian over S’mores where the camp attendees got an opportunity to ask burning questions to Murabbian, daily sports based on the age groups comprising of volleyball, basketball, soccer, and table tennis, and a field trip to DC in which Waqfeen e Nau were given a guided tour of US capitol. The field trip also included a visit to the Library of Congress, and Lincoln Memorial, a picnic by the Potomac River, and a tour of the American Fazl mosque where everyone offered Zuhr prayer and were given a brief history of the historic Fazl mosque by Murabbi Yahya Luqman sahib.

The attendees enjoyed delicious meals over the course of the camp with a special formal dinner served to them at the tables by the National Waqf e Nau department on the 3rd of the camp.

The camp concluded with a closing session presided by National General Secretary Mukhtar Malhi Sahib in which the top performers were recognized. The academic achievement award for the age category 12-14 was won by Faran Ahmad of South Virginia and for the age category 15+ was won by Fouzan Noor of Los Angeles. The best behavior award for the age category 12-14 was won by Abdullah Sultan of York PA and for the age category 15+ was won by Fouzan Noor of Los Angeles. The overall participation award for the age category 12-14 was won by Salman Noor of Los Angeles and for the age category 15+ was won by Fouzan Noor of Los Angeles. Sadaqat group won the best group award. All of the camp volunteers and the teachers were given gifts by the Waqf e Nau department as a token of appreciation and gratitude. At the end of the closing ceremony, the camp attendees transitioned to the MKA National Ijtema.

Alhamdolillah, the Waqf e Nau Summer camp was a huge success and the attendees had a delightful and memorable experience. The camp succeeded in inspiring Waqfeen e Nau to strengthen their bond with Allah The Almighty and in preparing them for the service of their faith.

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