By Hazeem Ahmad, South Virginia

In today’s world, there are so many interesting things to watch on TV, computers, and the entirety of the Internet. With so many things to watch or look at, it is very important to be careful about what you watch, and not to watch, or look at bad things. In this environment, as Ahmadi Muslims, we are so lucky to have MTA. There are so many things to watch on MTA, there is almost nothing like it! It is very beneficial for everyone and it is very highly interesting. We can watch MTA in many different ways, such as live, MTA On Demand, and much more.


There are so many things to watch in MTA, and different people like to watch different things. I will share with you things that I like to watch on MTA.

We are so lucky to have Huzoor’s (aba) guidance. So, my family and I and I am sure that a lot of other people in the world watch the Friday Sermon by Hazur (aba) every week. The Friday sermon gives you the guidance of Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) and it gives you so much information and knowledge. It is available in different languages,  so if you don’t understand Urdu very well, you can always watch it in the different languages that you can understand. If as a child you don’t fully understand what Hazur says, you can always watch Friday Sermon for Kids, which summarizes the sermon very well. As I said, you can watch the Friday Sermon in many different ways and at a time that works for you. This is why so many people like watching the Friday Sermon every week.

There are also many other videos that people watch for knowledge from Beloved Huzoor (aba). Huzoor is such a knowledgeable person you can’t even think! One of these examples is “This Week with Huzoor” (aba).  The program starts with clips from a virtual mulaqaat with Huzoor from different countries that happened during the last week. There is a Q&A session with Huzoor in every mulaqaat where he answers various questions to increase our knowledge.

There are also a lot of clips on MTA News about activities held in various jammats around the world which introduce us to Ahmadis around the world and what their mosques look like. There are also a lot of other kids’ programs, such as Bachon Ki Dunya, Destination next, Roundup, and many more. They are also giving us knowledge about Islam and the world around us. May Allah the Almighty help us gain knowledge from these programs, Ameen.

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