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Waqfeen Nau Boys (14Y&Up) Annual Trip to Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada April 18-20, 2014

Please fill out this Form to register for Jamia Visit. A separate form should be filled out for each Waqfe Nau. Please answer all the questions in order to submit this form.

Gulshan-e-Waqf-e-Nau with Hazhrat Khalifatul Masih V May 2013

Videos: During the Historical West Coast tour of April-May 2013 Waqfe Nau classes were graced by the presence of Huzure (aba)

Study Materials - Six-Monthly Tests - Ages 18+

Link for syllabus for age 18-19:  http://waqfenau.us/urdu/WaqfeNau-Syllabus-Age18-19%20Years-3.pdf

The Waqfe Nau Department USA Announces study materials for the six-monthly tests for Waqifeen-e Nau, ages 18 years and above.


Waqfe Nau News

New Syllabus for 18-19 age group

Download [here]