Team Waqfe Nau - USA

Hafiz Samiullah Chaudhary,
National Secretary, Waqfe Nau - USA

Administrative Desk:
Hammad Malik,
Assistant National Secretary
Collection of Activity Reports from local Jama’ats. Reimbursement to Waqfe Nau workers for their expenses. In-charge of Teleconference and Gazette Reports. In-charge Boys Camps.

Classes, Curriculum Implementation, & Waqfe Nau Committee Coordination DesK:
Imran Jattala, Assistant National Secretary:
Waqfe Nau Classes and Curriculum Implementation Desk. Monitoring the progress of Local Waqfe Nau Committee meetings and activities. Waqfe Nau website (WAQFENAU.US) admin and maintenance. Chief Editor Nawaa`e Waqfe Nau, the “Waqfe Nau USA Newsletter”

Events, Ijtema'at & Recognition Coordination Desk:
Mansoor Ahmad,
Assistant National Secretary:
Organization of Waqfe Nau Ijtema’aat. Waqfe Nau Events. Calendar of Events. Special Classes and Special Events. Trophies, Certificates, Awards & Recognition Coordination Desk. Editor Nawaa`e Waqfe Nau

Waqfe Nau 18+ Activities
Syed Fazal Ahmad,
Assistant National Secretary:
Waqfe Nau 18+ Activities. Deployment of Older Waqifeene Nau in Jama`at work

Database and Jamia Coordination Desk:
Mahmood Ahmad, 
Assistant National Secretary:
Bio-data updates, Educational Progress Reports of Waqifeene Nau. Jamia Liaison and Training of local Waqfe Nau Secretaries & Regions Overview.

Mahmood Hanif,
Assistant National Secretary:
National Waqfe Nau Ijtema - USA, US Waqifeen`e Nau’s Visit to London for a weekend filled with activities around Hudhur`e Anwar Ayyadahullahu Ta`ala Be`Nasrihil Azeez.

Re-dedication Coordination Desk:
Irfan Rabbani,
Assistant National Secretary:
Re-dedication (Tajdeed e Waqf). Linguists and especially Urdu Language learning programs. Selection of Books for Waqfe Nau Prize Distribution.

Career Counseling Desk
Rizwan Aladin,
Assistant National Secretary:
In-charge Career Counseling, National Convention of College Students for 17 & above Waqfe Nau Boys & Girls

Communications,  Waqfe Nau Writers Guild Desk
Syed Uzair Ahmed,
Assistant National Secretary:
Incharge-IT. Communications & Coordinator Waqfe Nau Writers Guild. Follow up on
Monthly Local Jama’at Reports and Compilation of Monthly National Report
for London Markaz.

Waqifat-e Nau Desk
Mabroor Jattala,
National Muavin Sadr – Waqifat-e Nau | Lajna Ima'Illah - USA
In charge for matters specific to Waqifat-e Nau.



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